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YOU are the client, the branch manager and the chief executive president of interstellar finance.

"Uncertain times" could call for overdue adjustments. Improvements.

A future for commercial banking would be less punitive. A refunding of overdraft fees. Access to interest free loans, mortgages and debt forgiveness.

While so many are wagering life, limb and liberty against a military arm, there is a strategic opportunity for many to peacefully protest financially by building their own financial ecosystems using free & open source internet technologies.

Don't worry! There are no transactions here! ODDBANK isn't even a blockchain. You simply use your ODDBANK crypto profile to crowdfund projects or exchange goods & services using many forms of digital money.

Once you add your payment addresses to your ODDBANK crypto profile they will automatically attach to the THINGS & BOUNTIES you add to ODDBANK.

Your crypto profile on ODDBANK is a dynamic, multi platform display you control to show your payment networks and product or project information. All ODDBANK pages are optimized for links on facebook & instagram while featuring a unique, shareable url.

It's free and easy to join the ODDBANK economy!

Simply complete this ODDBANK REGISTRATION!

Once a member, you can access your own "VAULT" tab. You'll be able to click on your "CRYPTO PROFILE" and update your details at any time.

ODDBANK is a free cryptocurrency literacy resource funded by the whalebone intergalactic cafe banco ODDBANK outpost bounty.

Please note, by design, ODDDBANK does not handle any financial transactions and does not take responsibility for any transactional error or financial loss due to address storage errors, third party wallet failures or exchange issues.